Power Productivity for Profits

Power Productivity for Profits

"...multitasking is overrated..."


I remember sitting in Dr. David Upon's office during my undergraduate years at Texas Christian University (TCU) with concerns about my performance and productivity. He told me that multitasking is overrated, and it is impossible to get anything done efficiently and on time when trying to do everything at once. He turned, and he showed me his computer screen. Multiple tabs and windows were open on his computer and what he demonstrated was that he was still only able to work on one tab - only on one window at a time. That conversation and image stuck with me throughout all my years and confirmed my mother's verbal rants growing up. Often in business, the solutions are glaring at us in our faces. Over the years, I find myself going back to the basics and keeping it simple.


Focus on a Single Task


The ability to focus on a single task allows you to achieve better results than when multitasking. Stanford University professor Dr. Clifford Nass in an NPR Interview with Paul Raeburn, discussed findings that prove that people who are chronic multitaskers have impaired cognitive processes. He further suggests that the ability to filter and manage our working memory and switch from one task to another effectively is subdued. What this means is that while we may feel like we are being more productive, we are not, and our ability to study, complete a project for work, etc., is reduced.


I have experienced all of this firsthand. I have also noticed that I lose productivity when I have to break my concentration, switch between tasks, and repeatedly stop to meet with someone unplanned. And when I worked in Corporate America and in high ticket sales, I noticed that the quality of products and tasks completed by workers that are multitasking overall are sub-par. This results in more time spent redoing the assignment, micromanaging to make sure that those tasks are completed correctly, less productivity, and missed goals and deadlines. Most scholar-practitioners would agree that the best practice moving forward is to prioritize goals, objectives, and tasks and then work to break them up into real-time chunks. This, however, is often easier said than done.




I believe that it is crucial that we first implement a culture of discipline within ourselves. And in the mastery of ourselves, we can then go on to more easily create cultures of disciple and fun in our workspaces and our businesses. Top performers tend to work for 52 minutes at a time, followed by a 17-minute break. This week I want you to Audit Your Time. Take a few days or the entire week and write down your schedule. What is it that you are actually doing for the week, each day, and each hour? Make a note of when you wake up, eat, workout, prepare for bed, read emails, check social media, and work on projects. From there, you can assess where you can make improvements and schedule more time to think, pray and or play.


Is it possible that you need to wake up earlier? Do you need to implement hard stops for particular tasks throughout your day? Or is it possible you are doing task that would be better served by outsourcing to someone else?


What I've often noticed with clients and students is that there tends to be a lack of command of the day. Gaining that control, productivity, and ultimately profitability first starts with better structure, discipline, and respect for your goals.


Next time, we will go deeper in our series, and we will discuss more tips to improve your focus and productivity.

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It's pretty simple. I want to help you make more money and enjoy having a profitable and productive business.


The problem is that scaling an established business takes a lot of time and energy. It can be lonely and can be challenging to manage. Between your career, family, community, self-care, and a crazy mixture of all of the above - it is easy to plateau, become frustrated, despondent, and burn out.


That's where my team and I come in. I am a thought partner and work alongside you and your team to implement change so you can continue to build your company and work towards reaching your fullest potential. As part trusted advisor, part brand strategist, ambassador, and online growth expert, I am your Revenue Growth Consultant or Fractional Executive.


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